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I am the 4th generation in our dairy farming family, having been raised on a dairy farm my whole life, and wish to carry on in that business. Our family has always rented, and I have a goal of being the first to own a farm. I want to own my own farm to pass on to my own future generations or to someone that wants to continue the legacy of farming.

I am very passionate about ag and farming. Currently milking 125 dairy cows with my dad, this farm girl isn’t afraid to work hard and get her hands dirty.

At A Glance:

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Farmer's Intended Methods:

Desired Farmer Regions:

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Additional Information:

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Will use land for crop production: Yes

Will use land for dairy operation: Yes

Years of Experience: 20+

Currently Has Herd: Yes

Herd Description:

My herd consists of mainly Jerseys as well as a variety of other breeds. In addition to dairy cattle, I also have a herd of Nubian dairy goats. The goal is to continue breeding productive animals that also look great.

Agricultural Apprenticeship Program Details:

Growing up on a dairy farm and learning from my parents has helped me develop a wealth of knowledge. (20+yrs)

I also learned a lot of science and medical knowledge from my 4 yrs. at college that I apply to our daily dairy operations.

I am a former FFA & 4H member, now active alumni of each. I received my American FFA degree in 2013 and the 4-H Diamond Clover Award in 2010. I also had the opportunity to compete in the international Dairy Judging Contest in Scotland at the Royal Highland Show in 2010.

Agricultural Class & Degree Info:

Bachelor degree of Veterinary Technology from Wilson College with minors in Biology & Photography (2014)

*Very Active FFA member in high school completing many different projects and participating in various contests
*Completed many agricultural classes in High School
*Attended the National Young Farmers Conference in 2013
*Started a collegiate FFA Chapter at Wilson College in 2013
*National FFA Agriculture Ambassador (2013-2014) Giving 30 hrs. of Ag presentation time to all ages
* Dairy Goat judge (2010-present)

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