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Pennsylvania Farm Link is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to “Link Farmers to the Future”. PFL works closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and other agricultural organizations and businesses across the Commonwealth to support PA farmers.

We accomplish our mission of “Linking Farmers to the Future” in a variety of ways, including a land-linking database, succession planning, print and online resources and more.

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We have compiled an extensive list of resources for both landowners and entering farmers. From Educational Programs, to Marketing, Specialty Crop or Veterans Resources and more, everything you could need is easily available.

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Unlock your farming potential with our exclusive series of free online video courses, crafted to empower you with the best resources from top institutions like USDA, Penn State Law, Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center, PA Department of Banking and Securities, PA Department of Agriculture, PA Farm Link, and Penn State Extension.


Database, Succession, Ag Mentors, & Available Resources – PA Farm Link


Understanding Agricultural Leasing and Leases – PSU Ag Law


New Farmers Getting Started with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

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acres listed by landowners looking for successors or tenants
acres desired by entering farmers seeking land

Our Land-Linking Database By The Numbers

If you are a farmer interested in purchasing or leasing farmland in Pennsylvania, look no further than our  ‘Find a Farm’  database. Explore the various available opportunities throughout the state and sort by your requirements.

Alternatively, if you own farmland and are seeking aspiring farmers to lease or buy it for agricultural purposes, our Entering Farmers database is the perfect place to connect with potential candidates.

Below are four buttons that will guide you directly to your desired destination:

  1. Find a Farmer: Explore our database to find an aspiring farmer looking for land to cultivate and grow.
  2. Find a Farm: Discover a variety of farmland options available for purchase or lease.
  3. New Farmer Signup: If you’re an aspiring farmer seeking land opportunities, sign up here to join our database.
  4. New Landowner Signup: If you own farmland and want to connect with prospective farmers, sign up here to list your property.

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