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Navigating the world of farming in Pennsylvania, whether as a landowner or an entering farmer, comes with its challenges. That’s where our platform steps in. At PA Farm Link, we’ve cultivated a dedicated space to connect those who have land to offer with those eager to sow their future in it. For landowners, this means finding passionate farmers who will cherish and nurture your land. For aspiring farmers, it’s about discovering opportunities to set down roots and grow. Together, we’re ensuring a brighter, sustainable future for farming in our beloved state.

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If you are an aspiring farmer in Pennsylvania seeking an opportunity to work on a piece of land, PA Farm Link is your gateway to the future. Sign up today to join our database of entering farmers for free until April 30, 2024. 

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Please select the appropriate button below to access our online land-linking database. Whether you are a farmer in search of farmland or a landowner seeking an entering/beginning farmer to maintain agricultural use of your land, our database helps link farms to people and people to farms!

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If you own a piece of land that you'd like to see passed on to the future of agriculture, PA Farm Link can connect you with aspiring farmers. Join our platform to help cultivate the future of agriculture in Pennsylvania.  $100 fee is waived until April 30, 2024.

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How To Use The Land-Linking Database

  • Explore the Database

    Discovering the perfect farming opportunity in Pennsylvania is made easy with our accessible 24/7 online database. Whether you're a farmer seeking land or a landowner looking for the right match, browse through our listings to find potential connections.

  • Contact PA Farm Link

    Initiating contact with our extensive database of farms and farmers is a straightforward process. You have three convenient options: use the provided form on the listing page, visit our Contact Us page, or send us an email at When reaching out, kindly include a list of your preferred farms or farmers, along with some details about yourself and your experience.

  • Connecting Interested Parties

    At PA Farm Link, we uphold a privacy policy that safeguards the confidentiality of listings, and will not disclose their details. Upon receiving your inquiry, we promptly convey the relevant details to the farm owner/farmer involved. If they express interest in working with you, they will reach out directly. Please note that while we help facilitate connections, we cannot serve as a negotiator or help with the sale or contract of any land/services.

acres listed by landowners looking for successors or tenants
acres desired by entering farmers seeking land

Our Land-Linking Database By The Numbers

112 Total Farmers

Currently active on our database seeking land leasing or purchasing opportunities.

38 Total Farms

Currently active on our database seeking a farmer to lease or purchase their land.

228 Potential Matches

In 2022, there were 228 potential matches between farmers and landowners, some of which resulted in conversations and negotiations.

6 Successful Matches

From the land-linking database, 6 successful matches between farmer and landowner have taken place in 2023.

“Thank you very much for this wonderful data base that you are maintaining. It is such a help for potentially connecting people. I wish you all the best in your continuing work. “
Former Database Member