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When I was young my family had a small garden in the back yard. I’ve grown up enjoying the outdoors and God’s creation of plants and animals.

I’m now a husband and father of four. I have a great interest in homesteading and have done lots of reading and study on it. Becoming a full-time farmer is a goal of mine, but in my current state in life working a full-time job is necessary. I’ve done tree work for 4 years but am currently working road construction installing traffic lights.

Currently on the half acre lot we rent, we have some chickens and ducks. We’ve harvested our birds for meat and collect their eggs. We have a garden that we’re striving to utilize with little to no till methods. We yielded lots of produce from it last year, my favorite being the North Georgia Candy Roaster, a long pumpkin that when baked is so sweet it’s enjoyable eaten plain. We’ve planted some blueberry plants on the property and strive to keep it productive.

I’m looking for opportunities to work more land whether for commercial use or for personal experience on the land. I’d be interested in any opportunities from sheep to dairy cows, produce production, orchard or vineyards.

We have a friend an hour north who runs a 70 acre organic produce farm. We eat a lot of produce because of my wife’s genetic disorder. I’d love to hear about any opportunities in my local area. I like the idea of doing things organically and simply. Industrialization has made things to large scale and centered around money and not locality and quality.

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Entering Farmer #20312 - At A Glance

Desired Acreage:
Arrangement Type:
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Region: ,
If Farming Type Is Other, Please Describe: Homesteading

Additional Information:

Will use land for crop production: Yes
Will use land for dairy operation: Yes
Currently Has Herd: Yes
Herd Description:

7 layer hens and a rooster
6 ducks for eggs and meat

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