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I’m a 39-year-old Pennsylvania native who loves the rolling hills and pastures of the Northeast. I currently reside in Lackawanna County but spent a large portion of my childhood in Susquehanna County where my family was, at different times, involved in horse farms and veal farming. It was on the horse farm where I developed a deep appreciation and love for the farm setting. Over the years, that love developed into a passion for farming, raising animals, and stewarding land and resources.

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and have always had a dream of having a farm where our kids can grow up as we both did—deeply connected to the land and animals, ideally living more simply but with rich experiences to offer our whole family. We currently both work from home and run two small businesses. We recently moved to a new home where we have a 1.6-acre lot, allowing us to build a garden, and have our flock of chickens, which our daughter absolutely loves. We have seen a deep love for animals and the farm life begin to develop in her, and we are eager to nurture that.

Having grown up in farm settings, I am experienced in the rhythms and demands of farm life. I recently began volunteering on a friend’s farm to gain more hands-on experience, and also to scratch the farming itch at least a little bit. I’m an avid consumer of books and magazines on regenerative farming, food systems, health, and animal husbandry. Much of my knowledge is theoretical, but I am eager to put it into practice.

I am deeply passionate about regenerative farming methods, and I believe that small family farms are the way to restore resiliency, trust, and nutrition back into our food system. I am in search of an opportunity in the Northeast PA region that will allow me and my family to pursue these passions and become farmers. We feel that a lease and possibly mentorship or partnership opportunity will suit us best, preferably on an organic farm or farm that is interested in going organic/regenerative. I am particularly interested in raising grass-fed beef,and am learning more about the idea of “grass farming” and using livestock and cover crops to build soil health.

We are most interested in direct-to-consumer operations as opposed to subsidized commodity crops. My wife and I are both experienced in marketing, running businesses, and building support for the things we are involved in. Our skills and interests will complement the marketing and business sides of running a farm.

Ultimately, our desire is to own a farm that we can hand off to our kids and hopefully reignite the idea of a multi-generational farm. We are willing and interested in starting off with an opportunity that does not require us to buy land outright and start from scratch without the benefit of an experienced farmer/landowner to guide us.

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If Strategy Is Other, Please Describe: I have experience as a consumer with all of the options above. As small business owners, we are very experienced in all forms of marketing and distribution.
If Farming Type Is Other, Please Describe: Would be interested in exploring hops as a cash crop.

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Will use land for crop production: Yes

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