Entering Farmer: #20283

I would consider any size farm or homestead. ideally at least 25 acres -300+, although I would consider less. However, I have very good administrative skills and I am capable of managing much more.

Some woodland as well as agriculture quality land is ideal with good water sources such as a mountain spring and/or creek on the property.

I would consider land without buildings, but would prefer a large barn, other outbuildings and a ranch house.

I hope to find a farm or homestead in the Allegheny and Appalachian mountain areas where I am so happy….the fresh air and abundance of mountain water. I am in Boalsburg presently. Though I will consider other rural areas as well: I lived in Mechanicsburg previously, so I know there is good agricultural soil in Cumberland and York Counties. There are many areas with good soil to farm in Pennsylvania.

Ideally there is a farm that is organic and sustainable….or not farmed for many years if it was farmed by conventional methods. A farm where the owner would be willing to sell directly to me. If possible, with lower payments for a few years starting out, as I establish and build my gardens and inventory. I would be a good match for someone who wants to pass on our history and heritage in Pennsylvania.

At the farm I also want to pass on to others my knowledge about herbs, native plants, and much more, through classes at the farm. Demonstrate a better way of living and raising families. I am also interested in nutrition and maybe I could have a small restaurant at the farm as well.

I have thought about farm animals. Most likely I will have some chickens. It would be great to have a pond with fish. I want mature trees and woods for my kitties to roam. I will get a dog or two. I need to spend my time and energy developing the growing of herbs and native plants and trees. Depending how much land there is, maybe pastures could be established for cows, steers, goats or lambs.

In the past I was a grower of herbs and native plants….always organic and sustainable and I had the same standards for my landscape design and install business. Of special concern and interest to me is our native trees that are being destroyed by insects and disease. So in addition to growing plants, I want to work with trees. Starting out I will continue working as a mental health therapist for substance disorder clients in order to make payments to purchase the farm. In addition to what I described above, I want to establish an orchard and vegetable production. Ideally the location would be suitable for selling plants and produce from the farm….a small farm store.

I have been widowed for many years, and started and operated my design and build landscaping business on my own, utilizing many subcontractors. I am very creative and capable of taking on a beginning farm project.

My husband was my biggest encourager when I also created and expanded my business growing herbs and native plants and had a garden center. I have worked hard all my life and am happy doing so because I am happiest working outdoors and close to nature teaching my family and others who want to learn to live simply with nature.

My children and grandchildren will have this farm as their home to come back to.

As I am writing this it brings back memories of my grandparents’ farm which was the largest poultry farm in the region (organic, sustainable, and my siblings and I working alongside of our dad planting crops and gathering eggs and helping out in the store. There were also two acres of vegetable gardens on our family property that kept us busy and out of trouble all summer. We drank raw milk. No one we knew was using dangerous chemicals then. So I bring this life time of experience to what I plan to do now.

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Entering Farmer #20283 - At A Glance

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If Strategy Is Other, Please Describe: I previously owned a small nursery and garden center and mall shop. Wholesale.
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If Farming Type Is Other, Please Describe: Growing herbs and native plants as I previously did; and at the time owned a small nursery and garden center. I will resume designing and installing occasional landscaping projects while growing the plant business.

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Will use land for crop production: Yes
Years of Experience: 30 plus.
Currently Has Herd: Yes
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