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I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Bangor, PA. At the age of 18, I began my own dairy by leasing a farm in Bangor. Two years later, I moved the operation to a leased farm in Milford, NJ in order to increase my herd number to 40. The dairy I grew up on became available and after two years in New Jersey, I moved the operation back to Pennsylvania to my family’s farm. I farmed on the family farm for five years, however, due to circumstances beyond my control, was unable to purchase the property.

I then purchased a 300 acre dairy in Chateaugay, NY where I farmed for six years, milking 100 cows and raising replacement heifers. I was also able to produce approximately 70% of the forages needed for the cattle. Due to divorce and milk prices, I was unable to continue operating the farm, therefore, sold it and began an excavating business in Stroudsburg, PA that I continue to own. My son, daughter and son-in-law run the excavating business while I plan my exit strategy.

I have been missing the farm since selling and my wife and I would like to get back into the industry. I have decided that beef cattle and goats may be more feasible than starting a dairy.
I hope to spend the rest of my life fulfilling my dream of operating a large scale farming operation once again. I currently farm approximately 60 acres of hay on leased land. We are raising beef on a small scale and building the herd along with 30 goats that we kid yearly and market.

Current plans are to locate more ground to lease and expand into hay and straw sales. With no more room to add buildings on our current farm, I’d like to find a property to lease or lease to purchase where there may be existing structures that could be converted into beef barns or have room to build more barns along with acreage to produce forages. I currently have a full line of equipment to plant and harvest.

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Entering Farmer #20260 - At A Glance

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Additional Information:

Will use land for crop production: Yes
Years of Experience: 30
Currently Has Herd: Yes
Herd Description:

10 cows and 30 goats

Agricultural Class & Degree Info:

3 years of Agriculture at Northampton County Vocational Technical School

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