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Located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, just across the PA state line, Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse is an award winning, widely respected multi-faceted business and 186 acre preserved regenerative farm which includes a beautiful stone 1820’s five-bedroom farmhouse, an additional 3 bedroom home, three barns which include a storefront, a bakehouse for breadmaking, and a creamery for cheese making. This sale also includes 140 head of cattle, a John Deere tractor, and all the bread and cheese making equipment. The farm is located just over 1 hour from New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas and minutes from Bucks County, PA.
The cows are on a field rotation and their milk is used to make cheese and 100% grass fed beef for sale. Bobolink also has suckled veal and whey fed pork which is sold at 7 regional farmers markets, via mail order and at the farm store. A large barn in the back is used to store up to 650 round bales of hay. An additional machine shed is used for tractor and other equipment storage. The farm owners’ goals over the past 20 years have been to improve the soil health, and produce healthful and delicious products from humanely raised farm animals using regenerative farming techniques that do not rely on fertilizers, pesticides, or fossil fuels.

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Landowner #30147 - At A Glance

If Farm Type Is Other, Please Describe:
Bread and Cheese making facilities
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Farmers Markets

Additional Information:

Total Acres: 186 acres
Description of Soil Types:
A 133 acres is in permanent pasture and approximately 49 acres is woodland. The Soil types include: mostly Klinesville channery loam, but also Penn Channery Silt loam and Readington silt loam
Description of Deed Restrictions:
The farm has a county held conservation easement over the farm fields to keep the land in agricultural production. There's a 2 acre unseverable exception area around the home and main barn. A copy of the conservation easement is available upon request.
Conservation Plan: Yes
Barns/Structures On Farm: Yes
Description of Barns/Structures On Farm:

The main barn with includes the storefront, milking parlor, creamery, wood-fired oven and cheese cave. A large hay barn that can store up to 650 round bales. A storage barn for tractor and other supplies and a garage for truck or other vehicles.

Electrical Access: Yes
Description of Electrical Access
The main barn and both homes have a backup generator fueled by propane gas.
Equipment Available for Lease / Purchase: Yes
Description of Equipment Available:

John Deere tractor, 3 vans for transporting the products to market, bread and cheese making equipment, milking parlor, creamery, Alan Scott inspired wood-fired oven, cheese cave, and storefront.

Fencing On Farm: Yes
Description of Fencing:
The electric power for the pasture fencing and well is provided by solar and wind energy.
Water Available: Yes
Description of Water Access:
There are three wells on the property. One for each house and one for watering the animals in the fields.

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