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I am 35 years old and have been growing organic vegetables and raising free range organic poultry for over 25 years. Everything is grown from compost and aquaponic (fish) fertilizers. Growing up the son of a coal miner in a coal miner family I’ve seen firsthand the destruction that man has done to itself and to the environment! That’s why at a young age I decided that wasn’t the life for me and I began raising and growing my own food. Always wishing and wanting to make organic living a way of life for everyone as a sustainable resource and business/educational center.

Currently located in Schuylkill County.  Willing to relocate anywhere in Pennsylvania for the right farm situation.

I’m looking for anywhere from 1-2 acres to 100+ acres – we can start small and build up. Or are willing to help an established farm gain and reach its full potential.

-Would want to try to set up a partnership or some kind of lease to own agreement as long as it’s fair to both parties it can be worked out.

-I’m looking to grow and raise organic vegetables, fruits, poultry, and use all the resources from the land whenever possible.

-Goal is to create organic gardens, old fashioned smoked meats shop and smokehouse, and market and take orders online that we would fill and either ship or deliver the product to the client.

-Set up roadside stand as well as farmers markets and online orders to build revenue from vegetables and poultry

-Expand business to create an educational center for children and young adults with developmental and learning disabilities where we would teach the whole process of growing and raising your own food. Also teach them how to work and learn in a positive caring environment. So that no one has to live in fear!

-Would want to live on the farm if possible, either renting a house or putting a mobile home on land to ensure flock/herd and plants are taken care of properly!

-Goal is to install water/wind/solar generation systems to have no electrical grid demand in 5-7 years

-Can start growing conventional and work towards Organic label if needed, I have my own method for fertilizers that works well for over 20 years and it’s all organic.

-Teach others the benefits to your health with living organic as well as the great taste

My step son and step daughter along with their mother will be living on the farm with me. I have been teaching them a lot of things over the past 6 years I’ve been with them. Since I’ve been “Dad” and they finally had a father that was able to be there for them. My 2 children along with my father are my inspiration for building the learning center with the organic gardens. My son, age 17, wants to help me run the farm and is making great progress learning, he has Asperger’s, a type of autism, along with PTSD from seeing a horrific crime when he was 2. My daughter, age 14, has dyslexia and struggles everyday along with my son trying to learn even the easiest assignments from school. But when you take them out of the town and out into nature that fear seems to go away for all of us and we can learn to live organic and help others in the process! To not just survive in this cruel world just getting by.  We want to THRIVE and help others get past their fears and do so as well!


-25 years growing and raising poultry and vegetables

-20 years butchering / processing poultry and deer /smoked meats

-over 50 old fashioned smoked meats and cheeses recipes perfected handed down from father

-20 years landscaping, carpentry, equipment operation

-5 years with electrical, plumbing, mechanical skills

-15 years with chainsaws and falling/milling trees

-currently have a flock of 24+ laying hens, recently processed last turkey of 2020 season 45+ lbs dressed

-10 years growing mushrooms from logs/plugs

-5 years making whine from all different fruits/vegetables

-make all my own sauces from home grown tomatoes also use yellow tomatoes for less acidic sauces

-10 years’ experience in home healthcare meal prep, sanitation, nursing care

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Formulated Business Plan: Yes
Marketing Plan: Yes
Currently Has Herd: Yes

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