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We are a father/son team from Pine Grove. My dad has been raising crops and vegetable his entire life and has passed on his love of growing and caring for plants to me. We do farm a few acres conventionally but our focus and passion is in certified organic farming.

We are blessed to have some excellent employees, and with their help we’ve grown from a small 40 acre farm in Pine Grove, to covering a few hundred acres of mixed hay and crops in Schuylkill county. We are based in Pine Grove, but will travel up to an hour away depending on the opportunity. Our goal is not to be a large operation, but to do the best that we are capable of. That means that we care for the land that we lease the same as what we own.

There are no shortcuts to quality and we invest aggressively in bringing all of our land up to its peak fertility and production. Land that is well cared for not only produces premium crops, but it also enables us to pay higher rent to the landowner. We are happy to offer some of the highest rent per acre available in our area. We place a premium on our relationships with the landowner and are glad to listen and incorporate their ideas into our land management practices.

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