Landowner: 30044

*There are 50 acres in the parcel (15 acres are wooded, 30 acres have fruit trees planted, 5 acres are cut and not planted). The land was a productive fruit farm until 1990 and has since fallen into disrepair.

*I would like to work with someone to make the land productive again. My preference is organic farming, orchard, vineyard, haying, agro-tourism, recreation, or any other non-dairy activity. Growing hemp is also a possibility with the proper legal qualifications.

*I have limited time to personally invest. As such, I am interested in a relationship with a reliable partner.

*There is some storage space, water is available, and limited equipment. Land diagrams and aerial maps are available upon request. The homes on the property are currently not available.

*I am Interested in leasing the property or a joint profit-sharing venture.

*The property is located in the zip code 18644 area (Luzerne County/Franklin Township).

Nutrient Management Plan: Yes

Total Acres: 50

Conservation Plan: Yes

Additional Farm Details:

Equipment Available for Lease / Purchase: Yes

Please Note:

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