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The property’s 89 acres span both sides of an improved road. The bank barn is on one side and the 2 BR, 1BA house is on the other side. From 1970s-1990s, pasture on the barn side was used for beef cattle (about 25 head). A neighbor has made good hay from the pasture (about 10 acres) for 5 years and has monitored and amended the soil as needed. There is a small cow pond. Barn electric must be reconnected. Pasture fencing must be replaced. There is a fen/seasonal wetland area down from the barn with creek that feeds to Woodcock Dam. The culvert is good, but if passage to additional pasture is desired, the pathway needs to be fortified due to beaver damage 10 years ago.

Acreage behind the house is enrolled in CREP. The 10-year USDA lease is up in 2022. That area was planted with hedgerow trees and tall, warm season grasses. Previously, it was a hayfield There’s a hedgerow of evergreens along the road. I have kept up multiflora and thistle control. About 10 acres of woods are behind the CREP field, logged sustainably in coordination with DNR and consulting forester, most recently in 2020.

I live 2 hours away. I have done my part to conserve the land and improve the house. Now it’s time to turn it over to someone who will be a good land steward, committed to preserving farmland, knowledgeable about conservation, and who will be a neat and courteous neighbor. The valley is a mix of legacy family farms and farmettes with beef cattle, goats, horses, corn and soy crops. Some Amish and Mennonites own properties in the immediate area, but mostly do not farm. It would be great to see someone make this a working farm again.

Sell – prefer conventional bank loan or cash. The right buyer will have a plan and money lined up. My attorney will handle the sales agreement and closing.

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Total Acres: 89
Conservation Plan: Yes
Barns/Structures On Farm: Yes
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100 Year Old Bank Barn

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