Landowner: #30156

My wife and I own a 4th generation farm, that has been in my family since 1945.

It is roughly 60 acres of open field/crop land, and the other 45 wooded. It starts along the creek and goes upward with rolling hills to the foot of the mountain.

We are currently leasing to a local farm family, however we are interested in trying our hand at some specialty products, as well as shopping around different ideas to generate some income.

I’d also like to fix up and preserve the existing large barn, which the Harrisburg agency said is a four square bank barn built with first cut timber in the late 1700s.

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Landowner #30156 - At A Glance

If Farm Type Is Other, Please Describe:
renewable energy
If Farm Strategy Type Is Other, Please Describe:
Currently being farmed for corn, soybeans, winter wheat, hay

Additional Information:

Total Acres: 105
Available for Crop Production: Yes
House Available on Property: Yes
Nutrient Management Plan: Yes
Description of Soil Types:
My grandfather did take part in the US Dept of Ag Conservation Plan, that has a lot of useful information. I still have a hardcopy. Some of the soil types include Atkins Silt Loam, BuB, BxB, KIC, and a few others of statewide
Deed Restrictions: Yes
Description of Deed Restrictions:
No deed restrictions currently.
Conservation Plan: Yes
Barns/Structures On Farm: Yes
Description of Barns/Structures On Farm:
(Missing desc)
Electrical Access: Yes
Description of Electrical Access
Electric runs along the road and is also run to the farm house and the barn (although the barn electric needs updated)
Equipment Available for Lease / Purchase: Yes
Description of Equipment Available:

Kubota tractor with scoop and brush hog

Water Available: Yes
Description of Water Access:
well water, spring water

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