Pennsylvania Agriculture Mentorship Program

Pennsylvania’s farming sector now has access to a valuable new tool designed to support farmers, whether they’re just starting out, seasoned professionals seeking guidance, or those in the midst of transitioning. The PA Agriculture Mentor Program brings together six seasoned mentors with deep roots in agriculture to offer guidance to new farmers, agri-entrepreneurs, and those exploring innovative approaches and ideas for their agricultural ventures.

Initiated by a coalition of Pennsylvania-based agricultural organizations committed to the industry’s future, this program collaborates with SCORE, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity and a partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, to provide this mentoring service. The mentoring offered is both free of charge and confidential, ensuring accessible and private support for farmers looking to grow and innovate.

How The Mentor Program Works:

Our Pennsylvania Ag Mentors
Richard Crouse
Biglerville, PA
Biglerville, PA

Rick dedicated 30 years with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) as a loan officer, manager and specialist throughout Pennsylvania. The last seven years of his career, he served as a business development specialist with AgChoice Farm Credit in Adams County.

Elizabethtown, PA

Hal combines corporate expertise as a financial analyst, product manager, and plant controller with academic roles teaching economics and business management at The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, and Harrisburg Area Community College.

Lancaster - Lebanon, PA

Hal combines corporate expertise as a financial analyst, product manager, and plant controller with academic roles teaching various economics and business management classes at The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, and Harrisburg Area Community College and more.

Lancaster - Lebanon, PA

Hugh J. MacMaster specializes in launching and scaling startups, improving organizational operations, and strategy development. His experience includes Project Management, Engineering, Team Development, and Non-Profit Leadership, focusing on product development, quality, and fundraising and more.

Lancaster - Lebanon, PA

Gary enhances business success with 40 years in corporate farm and industrial equipment, specializing in Marketing, Sales, Support, and Project Management. His expertise covers machinery, troubleshooting, metalwork, hydraulics, and automotive technology, using data-driven strategies.

Bruce Miller​
York, PA​
York, PA​

Bruce Miller, retired from Farm Credit with 40+ years in agriculture lending, he advocates for York County and Pennsylvania farmers. Raised on a local farm, he now owns a historic family beef farm and engages in speaking events, the York County Planning Commission, and church activities.

SCORE Success Stories:

Discover inspiring success stories of agricultural entrepreneurs who have transformed their passion for sustainable farming into thriving businesses with the support of the SCORE Mentorship Program. Meet Jason Stone, founder of The Productive Peasant Farm Co., and Teddi Maslowski, owner of Birch Creek Farmery, as they share their journeys of turning their visions into reality with strategic guidance, business acumen, and funding assistance provided by SCORE mentors. Explore how these individuals navigated challenges, honed their business plans, and achieved success in the dynamic landscape of sustainable agriculture.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most commonly asked questions below, but if you still have questions about the mentorship program or anything else, please reach out to PA Farm Link Staff! If you’re looking for additional resources, please visit our Resource Hub that includes over a hundred resources in everything from Business Planning, Educational Programs, Financial, Land & Legal, Marketing, Organic, Specialty Crop, Stress Management, Succession / Transition, Technical Information, Veterans Resources, Webinars 

What is the PA Ag Mentorship Program?

The PA Ag Mentorship Program, offered free of charge, connects aspiring and current farmers with experienced SCORE mentors to provide tailored guidance and support in the agriculture industry. In 2023, the program facilitated 301 sessions, served 116 clients, and mentors dedicated 349.25 hours of their time, showcasing the program’s commitment and impact. This initiative is particularly geared towards U.S.-based individuals seeking to start, grow, or transition within the agriculture sector.

What does it cost to sign up for a SCORE Mentor?

SCORE mentoring services are available for free, for everyone, always. With over 333 virtual mentors dedicated to help, valuable guidance is readily accessible, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder anyone’s ability to seek and receive help.

What is SCORE?

SCORE is a nonprofit organization that offers free mentoring, resources, and workshops to small business owners and entrepreneurs, including those in the agriculture sector. In 2023, SCORE mentors helped thousands of clients, contributing to significant growth and success in various businesses across the United States.

Who is the SCORE Mentorship program geared towards?

The SCORE Mentorship Program is designed for aspiring farmers, new farm owners, existing farmers, and those looking to transition into another type or aspect of agriculture. It aims to provide guidance for starting, growing, or managing agricultural businesses effectively, ensuring success for U.S.-based companies only.

Have you seen success?

Yes, the SCORE Mentorship Program has a track record of success, with many farmers benefiting from the guidance and support provided by experienced mentors. According to the latest SCORE Annual Report, numerous entrepreneurs have achieved their business goals, highlighting the program’s impact on the agriculture sector.

Do you have to commit to anything?

While there is no commitment required to participate in the SCORE Mentorship Program, farmers are encouraged to actively engage with their mentors. Implementing the advice and strategies discussed during mentoring sessions maximizes the benefits of the program, helping participants achieve their business objectives.

Additional SCORE Resources Are Available!

Interested In Becoming A Mentor?

Workshops & Events

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Recorded Webinars

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To request a mentoring session, please click below to visit the SCORE website:

Within the SCORE application, please note your involvement in a farm or food business. You may also identify a specific mentor you would like to work with.

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