Entering Farmer: #20393

I have 12+ years of experience growing native plants and marketing them as food and medicine for humans, livestock, pets, and wildlife. I work as a consultant designing and installing regenerative ecosystems for landscaping, silvopasture, organic permaculture, aquaponics, and retail/restoration nursery stock. My mission in life is to create new models for symbiotic relationships that make the environment and humans more healthy. I am open to leasing land but my ideal situation is purchase, lease-to-own or to join an established, complementary operation looking to expand and diversify their vision.

Phase 1: I am looking for space to expand my organic native plant nursery operation. This can be done in a relatively small space but I am hoping for larger fields to grow local ecotype seed and live-stake stock. I will host educational workshops on-site as well.

Phase 2: I would like space to establish native plant demo gardens to inspire customers. I will also grow bulk medicinal herbs for the community.

Phase 3: I am interested in diversifying the operation with rows of native food forests to fold into packaged + preserved beverages, jams, etc.

Phase 4: Native food/medicine rows could be used for silvopasture operations in the future (dairy, wool, grass-fed meat, etc.), giving pasture-lands a break for regeneration.

Phase 5: As the team and operation expands, I am interested in many other models for sustainable, regenerative land use at the intersection of human + ecosystem value.

I am also open to taking on an existing operation (regenerative livestock, orchard, etc.) alongside my nursery business.

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Entering Farmer #20393 - At A Glance

Desired Acreage:
Arrangement Type:
Methods: ,
If Farming Type Is Other, Please Describe: Native plant nursery, silvopasture, permaculture food and medicine crops

Additional Information:

Formulated Business Plan: Yes
Marketing Plan: Yes
Will use land for crop production: Yes
Years of Experience: 12
Agricultural Apprenticeship Program Details:

I completed the Land Stewardship Training Program at the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education in 2022

Agricultural Class & Degree Info:

Bachelor in Biological Sciences from Drexel University 2013

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