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My wife and I have been discussing our eventual business for many years. We’ve considered restaurants and franchise purchases, but we have declined these opportunities as none fully fulfilled our entrepreneurial desires. She has a special passion for mushrooms — her first job was in a farmer’s market mushroom stand at the age of 13. Our shared vision has crystallized around growing and foraging mushrooms, producing at least one agronomic crop, and producing surplus solar power.

In terms of agronomic crops, I am especially interested in Western Pennsylvania’s history of rye production. Organic wheat has been suggested to us.

As a systems engineer, I am especially interested in developing utilities and technical automations to facilitate agricultural processes and the conduct of agricultural business. One of my dreams is to furnish open-source solutions for entrepreneurs which facilitate the expansion of national and global food production. In the pursuit of this vision, I emphasized the study of enterprise systems and machine learning while obtaining my Master’s degree at Carnegie Mellon University.

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I am a web developer and am adept using web, social media, and big data

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Veteran or Active Military: Yes

Will use land for crop production: Yes

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We have applied for the upcoming Armed to Farm PA session in August.

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