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Hello, I’m a farmer with a 22-year marriage and 2 sons. I’m looking for a farm (30 acres or greater) to put down family roots. I grew up actively farming 80 acres, with 5 years off for military service.  I have a strong mechanical/maintenance background, I was in 4-H beef club from 8-18, experienced with raising grain and hay crops, looking to expand into vegetables, and developing a CSA.

I’m well-employed in an 9-5 Federal job, have no debt, own my home, have an aggressive start on a down payment.  I’d like to develop a relationship with a farmer seeking to retire, but who’d like to pass on their tradition and allow me to maintain an operating budget as the ground is returned from fallow. My desire is to acquire a farm, not a potential development property, so I’m just fine with a few PA hills and groundhog holes.

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Additional Information:

Veteran or Active Military: Yes

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Will use land for crop production: Yes

Years of Experience: 7 or more

Currently Has Herd: Yes

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