Leading Pennsylvania’s economy with $5.7 billion dollar in sales each year, Pennsylvania’s future depends on agriculture.

7.7 million acres are devoted to agriculture use and of those 4.2 million acres (54%) are owned by farmers age 55 and over, according to 2007 NASS agriculture statistics. If agriculture is to remain Pennsylvania’s largest industry it’s imperative for these acres to transition to the next generation of farmers.

Pennsylvania Farm Link is a non-profit organization dedicated to “linking farmers to the future”.  PFL accomplishes their mission two ways, through an online database and by offering educational workshops for landowners and beginning farmers.  For more information on the services PFL offers, please go to the “About Us” portion of our website!

To explore the online database, click on either the “Find a Farm” or “Find a Farmer” to view available listings.  Listings are numbered.  The larger the number the most current the listing.  PFL does work to keep active listings on the website so please do not dismiss a listing if it has a “lower number”.   Regardless of the listing’s number, PFL works to ensure Landowner & Entering Farmer Listings are active and viable.  Database members participate in an annual update in order to keep Landowner and Entering Farmer Listings current for those searching properties or entering farmers.

To submit an application as a “Landowner/Farmer” or as an “Entering or New Farmer”, click on “For Landowners” or “For Farmers” below.  Once payment is made and the application is submitted, your application will be reviewed and a representative from PA Farm Link will contact you regarding your listing.

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