Entering Farmer: #20403

Dedicated and experienced Resident Farmer with a proven track record of managing the historic Fox Chase Farm, a demonstration and educational 112-acre farm within the School District of Philadelphia. Seeking an opportunity to continue sharing my passion for sustainable agriculture and education.

Professional Summary: Resident Farmer at Fox Chase Farm, a renowned educational farm within the School District of Philadelphia, where I have overseen farm operations, educational programs, and community engagement for the past 4 years. Committed to promoting sustainable farming practices and fostering a love for agriculture in students and visitors alike.


Resident Farmer
Fox Chase Farm, Philadelphia, PA
2021 – Present
– Managed all aspects of the 112-acre demonstration and educational farm.
– Oversaw crop production, livestock care, and farm maintenance operations.
– Developed and implemented educational programs for students and community members.
– Collaborated with educators to integrate farm activities into school curricula.
– Conducted tours, workshops, and events to raise awareness about sustainable farming practices.
– Assisted in planting, harvesting, and caring for crops.
– Managed livestock, including feeding, health monitoring, and breeding programs.
– Maintained farm equipment and facilities in good working condition.
– Participated in community outreach activities to promote local agriculture.

– Sustainable agriculture practices
– Crop management and rotation
– Livestock husbandry
– Farm equipment operation and maintenance
– Educational program development
– Community engagement and outreach
– Strong communication and leadership skills

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Entering Farmer #20403 - At A Glance

Desired Acreage:
Arrangement Type:
Region: ,

Additional Information:

Formulated Business Plan: Yes
Marketing Plan: Yes
Will use land for crop production: Yes
Will use land for dairy operation: Yes
Years of Experience: 4
Herd Description:

20 head of cattle
30 head of boer goats
10 head of sheep
Flock of 100 laying hens
2 Donkeys
4 rabbits
1 potbelly pig

Agricultural Class & Degree Info:

Certifications: Penn State Extension
– Beef Production and Management
– Beef Quality Assurance
– Grazing 101: Sustainable Pasture Management for Livestock
– Rasing Small Flock Poultry
– Dairy Skills: Transition Management
– Dairy Skills: Feeding Management
– Dairy Skills: Milking Management
– Dairy Skills: Reproductive Management
– Dairy Skills: Calf and Heifer Health
– Pork Checkoff: Transport Quality Assurance

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