Entering Farmer: #20339

I have 3 years of planting herbs, flowers and honey.

Honey Production:
I need access to water sources: bees must have access to water for hydration and cooling the hive. Space for beehives is needed as well.

Egg Production: Space for chicken coops is needed to house chickens, ensuring they have shelter, roosting areas, and nesting boxes.

Pasture or free-range areas: free-range or pasture-raised egg production, access to outdoor areas for chickens to roam and forage.

Herb Cultivation: Soil quality: well-draining, fertile soil suitable for growing herbs is needed. Sunlight and water are also needed for planting and cultivating herbs, including considerations for crop rotation and spacing.

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Entering Farmer #20339 - At A Glance

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Additional Information:

Veteran or Active Military: Yes
Formulated Business Plan: Yes
Marketing Plan: Yes
Will use land for crop production: Yes
Years of Experience: 3
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