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I have experience from working at the Horn Farm.

I worked with the farm manager along with volunteers. Tasks changed from day to day. I was able to gain knowledge about removing weeds, we removed most manually, one was creeping thistle. To remove it we must remove it deep from the root to not come again. If there were high weeds we used a lawn mower.

I learned to put straw around the farming places to make a walkway around the cultivated areas.

When planting, the manager soaked the seeds in water before planting them and we used a seed planting tool to make proper spacing between the seeds.

In the beginning of summer, flowers and baby vegetables were sold as potted plants.

I studied for four years at Cairo University in Egypt, Faculty of Agriculture, Horticulture Department. This included specialization in vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants. I graduated with a good cumulative general grade. This specialization was in the fourth year. During the first three years, I studied part in agricultural mechanization and part in animal anatomy. I attended courses in dissecting goats, chickens, and mice, ending with dissecting frogs, which I practiced for some time, then part about insect sciences and geochemistry, from analyzing the land to determine the percentage of salts in the soil and other nutrients, and part about plant tissue culture, genetic engineering, the use of agar to multiply cells in the laboratory, and the use of the microscope.

Rabbit production in Egypt is a special project. I raised rabbits in batteries made of galvanized wire. I know the types of batteries, which one is suitable for any space, and the advantages and disadvantages of each type. As for the rabbits, they were different breeds. I raised New Zealand, chinchilla, mountain, and country ones, and I used to do crossbreeding in case the rabbits were sold as meat to butchers. The sale is per kilogram, and this is the most sale, but the least gain. As for the good sale, it depends on the age and type of the rabbit, and this is done for the farmer to renew and strengthen the breed. In this type, I kept the rabbit breed pure, and I was contracted with the Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt, where an agricultural engineer, a worker, an accountant, and a worker are sent to receive the rabbits from my farm. I kept records in a notebook for each rabbit with a record of its age, weight, vaccinations, serums, and vitamins that it has taken and should take.

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Four years at Cairo University in Egypt, Faculty of Agriculture, Horticulture Department

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AgBiz Masters I passed two years ago.

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