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We are a family of 6 living in Allegheny County.

One of us is a recent graduate of the Bidwell Training Center Horticulture Program and has completed a 1 month internship at Quiet Creek Herb Farm and School of County Living where she harvested a variety of medicinal herbs (not Cannabis) and prepared them for sale in the farm shop. The farm practiced permaculture style growing including vermiculture, composting, humanure, huglecultre, mushroom logs, high tunnels, and raised beds. She has some previous work experience in non-profit bookkeeping and is interested in natural textiles and home sewing.

The other of us manages the photo department for a professional sports team but is looking for a career change that would allow him to work from home. We are interested in a permaculture land stewardship partnership, possibly with one of us helping to market a CSA or farm business and the other with gardening and potentially homeschooling.

We have been working to make this a financial possibility and have been debt free (except for a small mortgage) for about 7 years. We could possibly have an extra income stream if we rent out our current home. We do not want to start completely from scratch, so a mentorship leading to succession would be ideal.

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Corporate Business/Sports

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Years of Experience: 1 month internship plus years of home gardening

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Bidwell Training Center – Horticulture 2021

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Bidwell Training Center – Horticulture 2021
This is a full-time 8 month program and included an introduction into a wide range of Hort careers from greenhouse growing, integrated pest management, tree work, propagation etc.

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