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I am a veteran, married to a soon-to-be veteran. We were both Army “bomb squad” so hard work and drinking knowledge out of a fire hose are things we thrive on. Work appears to be pulling him to the MD/PA border.

As a child, I used to do seasonal work with my neighbors who grew almonds and walnuts in orchards. One of the neighbors sold his crop to Blue Diamond Almonds. We are looking to move from our small scale homesteading and breeding our own chickens and quail to a farm operation.

I am currently a Master Gardener in North Carolina and I focus on vegetables. The situation is going to be different, but I have a base.

We’re looking for a variety of opportunities, fruit vegetable grains and/or various livestock

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Veteran or Active Military: Yes

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Will use land for crop production: Yes

Will use land for dairy operation: Yes

Currently Has Herd: Yes

Herd Description:

We currently have chickens and coturnix quail.

Agricultural Class & Degree Info:

Master Gardener, NCSU 2022

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