Entering Farmer: #20267

I am interested in becoming a farmer in Pennsylvania. I have an associates degree in business from CCAC and have had some additional classes at Penn State University.

Since 2009 I have been employed in the title insurance/mortgage world. Although I have worked in an office for the majority of my professional life, I am a healthy, able-bodied individual. I have been researching and educating myself on farming for quite some time.

Although I have been exposed to farming at various levels, I do not have experience in farming, but am intelligent and enjoy learning new things. I would like to make the best of whatever land I am able to obtain for farming.

I would like to be multidimensional in the products produced by my farm all while carefully controlling costs. I think my education in business/accounting/marketing could be beneficial in the overall running of a farm from an accounting perspective.

I have read about the problem facing modern farmers and having no one to pass the farm off to. Although my parents were not farmers (although my fathers side has farmers in the family), I could see myself being someone they could pass their farm on to.

I would be extremely interested in how to capitalize on the recent energy grant programs and how to upgrade and maximize whatever farm I do end up purchasing. However up until this point it has been solely me researching, step one seems to be joining this database and hopefully obtaining more information.

I am prepared for the process to take however long it needs to take as long as I am able to maximize whatever opportunities that may be presented to me. I am not interested in rushing into anything without proper planning, that being said, I do not have anything restricting me from making whatever moves are required during the process.

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Entering Farmer #20267 - At A Glance

Desired Acreage:
Arrangement Type:
If Strategy Is Other, Please Describe: thoeretical marketing (college courses)
If Farming Type Is Other, Please Describe: Trees

Additional Information:

Formulated Business Plan: Yes
Marketing Plan: Yes
Will use land for crop production: Yes
Will use land for dairy operation: Yes
Years of Experience: zero
Agricultural Apprenticeship Program Details:


Agricultural Class & Degree Info:


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