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My wife and I are looking for land to farm between 10-50 acres. Our goals are to operate a regenerative biodynamic market farm for food and medicinal herb production. Our intentions are to sell our products directly at markets and eventually hope to be able to put a market on the property. We have plans for vegetables, fruit production, an apiary, and chicken farming for egg production, as well as a cut flower garden, and medicinal/herbal gardens for teas and soaps. Future plans would be livestock in the way of a dairy cow and pigs.

I have 16 years’ experience as a professional chef and my wife has been a marketing manager for 7 years. We have spent the past 5 years farming our tiny .17-acre property and apartment rooftop before that. We keep bees, chickens, and worms outside of our 500 square foot garden in a suburban setting currently. We make flower bouquets, vegetable preserves, bread, honey, bee products, cheeses, butters, soap, and ferments on our property and use strictly organic practices.

Starting our market farm we would use my wife’s experience in the marketing world to utilize social media, direct sales to markets and consumers, digital campaigns, and events to promote our farm. We would use my experience with food to sell to local chefs and markets specialty food and ingredient items that would go beyond standard vegetable production, e.g. breads, hot sauces, ferments, and more. My wife’s experience as a beekeeper will bring honey and bee products to our market offerings, additionally, we will have egg production, soap production, and compost production systems that we would implement to further bolster income at market.

We would like land that has wooded areas as well as pastures, and if it is not in Chester County we would require housing on the property.

We are ready to get our feet into the real world of market farming past just our backyard and hope someone out there is willing to give us the opportunity of a lifetime to start the farm of our dreams!

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