Entering Farmer: 20202

Looking For:
– A lease or a joint venture with a farm owner
– Farms in need of assistance for Organic Certification
– Farms in need of ecommerce and direct marketing development
– 50-250 acres

I developed a passion for “the family dinner” during my childhood. My Nonna ~Italian Grandmother~ has dinner at 1:00pm every Sunday at her dinner table in Havertown, PA. This is the setting where our family comes together to laugh, love, and dine on delicious homemade Italian dishes. She grows the produce in her backyard while my Nonno ~Italian Grandfather~ makes his infamous rosé wine in the basement cellar. It is our family’s norm.

As I grew up and experienced different cultures around the world, I realized that food can truly be the central meeting place for family, friends, and communities. It is a wonderful way to share culture and express love while nourishing ourselves to live healthy lives.

In my late teens and early twenties, I went off to college at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. The dining experience quickly shifted from a beautiful event to a quick and meaningless set of meals that lacked in quality. This is when I realized that there were massive improvement opportunities for all stages of food production.

As a result of a plethora of food adventures, I navigated down a path of various food production systems to fully understand how to produce high quality food with an emphasis on positive ecosystem outcomes. As I continue these efforts, I plan to drive this energy through my entire career to ensure that highly nutritious sustenance is the absolute norm across all stages of the food production system.

Regenerative Agriculture Practices
On-Farm Production Experience
Regional Marketing Strategies
Supply Chain Fundamentals
Lifecycle of the Sales Process
Business Evolution via Private Equity

– Passion for Food Systems
– Agriculture Industry Expert
– Established Industry Network
– Entrepreneurial Mindset
– Differentiator Capability
– Developed Business Acumen

Major Interests:
– Assess business opportunities to deploy capital into Regenerative Agriculture Practices
– Continuous improvement efforts for agriculture producers to pursue direct market sales
– Advance sales pipelines within food businesses to unlock additional markets for farmers
– Establish credibility in Regenerative Agriculture to influence and educate consumers

At A Glance:

Looking For Arrangement Type:

Farmer's Intended Methods:

Desired Farmer Regions:

Describe Other:
Ecommerce, Direct Marketing

Desired Farming Type:

Additional Information:

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Years of Experience: 3

Agricultural Apprenticeship Program Details:

Rodale Institute – Organic Livestock Consultant – 2022
Farm/Livestock Apprentice at White Oak Pastures (Cattle, Small Ruminants, Monogastrics) – 2021
Tussock Sedge Farm, Farm Hand. Multi Species Regenerative PA Farm (300 Head) – 2021
WWOOF – Volunteer Weekend Small Livestock Farm Hand – 2020

Agricultural Class & Degree Info:

School: Drexel University
Degree: Bachelors Degree
Major: Supply Chain Management
Year Graduated: 2019

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