Entering Farmer: 20191

To raise and sell its product (meat goats) in local and commercial quantities. To provide low-income or underserved individuals or communities with beneficial products or services, preserving the environment, improving human health, and building a financially sustainable local economy.

To produce clean, healthy and parasite free goats. Committed to making a strong contribution to an improved environment and to giving back to the community.

* Currently, we are expanding to a 15-acre pasture and are looking to lease additional acres for pasture with a barn or without a barn, to accommodate up to 500 goats.

*Experience with raising, selling, and marketing livestock meat goats since 2014 in New Mexico on a 10-acre ranch.

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Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Will use land for crop production: Yes

Years of Experience: 3

Currently Has Herd: Yes

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Kiko and Spanish Meat Goat

Agricultural Apprenticeship Program Details:

Penn State Extension Meat Goat Production and Management Home Study Course- A course for goat producers interested in improving their production practices and ultimately profitability of their operation.

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