Entering Farmer: 20177

Enthusiastic student of small-scale organic agriculture, self-sustaining, homesteading and wildcraft practices.

*Organic only growing experience, focus on soil health
*Orchard management
*Greenhouse/high tunnel
*Planting times /rotation
*Seeding: direct/flats
*Seedling care and transplant
*Electric fencing /staking
*Low impact land usage
*Physical labor/hand tools
*Farm and excavation equipment usage & maintenance
*Construction of ponds and irrigation systems
*Building maintenance/repairs

Proposal for Use of Land: Beginning winter 2023
We are market farmers participating in our county’s local farmer’s
markets. We intend to spend the rest of our professional careers operating a market garden /small farm in order to provide quality products to the consumer that are responsibly produced.
We would like to find land to facilitate this. As we have no mechanical equipment at this time, we can only care for small acreage. We would prefer a land opportunity with housing. We are open to lease or trade.

Allowing the opportunity for consumers to buy directly from the farm on which it is grown is high priority. In the future we envision sharing our passion of working with the earth, especially with youth.

Additional Information:

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Will use land for crop production: Yes

Years of Experience: 10

Please Note:

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