Landowner: 30099

Owned by a family partnership, majority out of state, not farmers. Would like to see the land put to good use.

30 acres – has not been farmed for a while. Land was cleared but has some additional clearing of saplings to do. No home on the property. Zoning includes possibility of farm stand. A farmer also may “build by right” a home on the property.

We’re seeking a farmer who wants to return the land to productivity with a lease over several years, and then to buy it from us and build your dream house for you and your family.

Zoned PC-2:

Permitted uses:
General Farming (A1)
Nursery (A2)
Forestry (A4)
Agricultural Retail (A7)
Accessory Farm Dwelling (A8)

Detached dwelling unit for the sole use of the property owner, immediate family members of the property owner and persons engaged in agricultural employment on the property. Immediate family members shall be limited to parents, grandparents, siblings, sons and daughters

Emergency Services (F2)
Nonresidential Accessory Building (H1) Temporary Structure or Use (H3) Vending Machine (H10)
Conditional Uses:
Specialty Cultural Shopping Center (E28) Utilities (F1)
Personal Wireless Facilities (H11)

At A Glance:


Farm Types:
, , ,


Total Acres: 30

Additional Farm Details:

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