Landowner: 30136

Farm is currently owned by a brother and sister in partnership. This farm has been in our family since around 1820 and we are the 6th generation to grow up on this former dairy farm.

The total acreage is about 365 acres, but most of that is woodland. There are about 30 acres of flat, tillable land that would be ideal for high tunnel structures or vegetable production such as potatoes/garlic. There is a high deer population which limits types of vegetables grown.

Land is currently rented for hay production, but we’re looking into a more sustainable and longer-term relationship that will keep the land in agriculture production. We recently completed a forestry plan through NRCS and will be doing invasive management for forested areas in the future. 12 fruit trees (apple, peach, pear) in the yard.

3-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom house is available for rent. Root cellar, functioning fireplace w/oil heat available, large kitchen.

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Landowner Listing 30136 - At A Glance

Farm Types: , ,
If Farm Type Is Other, Please Describe:
Agroforestry - maple syrup

Additional Information:

Total Acres: 365
Available for Crop Production: Yes
House Available on Property: Yes
Nutrient Management Plan: Yes
Description of Soil Types:
Some clay and lower laying areas, as Tuscarora Creek is adjacent to 30 acres of tillable land.
Deed Restrictions: Yes
Conservation Plan: Yes
Barns/Structures On Farm: Yes
Description of Barns/Structures On Farm:

1) Morton shed that would be appropriate for maple syrup production.
2) Former dairy barn built in 1853.
3) Newer barn built around 1976.
4) Tractor shed with corn crib extension.
5) Round bale hay barn
6) House available for rent or trade
7) Three bay garage

Electrical Access: Yes
Fencing On Farm: Yes
Description of Fencing:
Fenced in pasture about 5 acres.
Water Available: Yes

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