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Welcome to the Penn State Extension Starting Your Food Business & Other Resources course! In this comprehensive program, we’ll cover food regulation, facility registration, and more. Explore the roles of key food regulatory agencies like USDA/FSIS, FDA, and state/local bodies in ensuring food safety. Learn about meat and poultry slaughter/processing oversight and state-specific guidelines. In the second part, we focus on registration requirements for food facilities, including licensing and serving food/drink to consumers. Discover the Agricultural Alternatives publication for marketing, production, budgeting, and resource requirements. Explore the Small Farm Dream program, covering research, marketing, finance, and risk factors in agriculture. Penn State Extension provides resources to support your agricultural journey and ensure success. Each lesson includes a quiz to reinforce understanding. Join us for a safe and compliant food practices experience with Penn State Extension!

Important Links:

Penn State Extension Website:
ServSafe (Food Employee Certification) Website:
Burea of Food Safety (PA Dept. of Ag) Website