Ag Leasing 101
Multi-state materials which help land owners and land operators make informed and equitable leasing decisions.

Center for Rural Affairs
Farmer and rancher linking programs and many other resources.

PASA’s Farm Lease Connection
Land leasing opportunities.

Struttin & Ruttin Hunting Leases, LLC
We are a professional hunting lease company based out of Pittsburgh serving PA, OH & WV. We are a small, family owned operation that helps connect landowners with responsible sportsmen. In turn this creates a supplemental income for the landowner, along with a professionally managed legal hunting licensing agreement which includes a liability insurance policy protecting both the landowner and the hunter(s). The landowner does not have to do anything. We handle everything and do all the legwork. We can customize the agreement to the landowners liking. We welcome any landowners with at least 10 acres of land to contact us. Contact: Michael Purcell Specialty Areas: Hunting Leases, Hunting Licensing, Land Lease, Wildlife Management Years of Experience: 11 to 15 Time Spent on Ag-Related Work: Over 20% Number of Farm Clients or Projects Per Year: 8 to 15 Raised on Farm? No Personal Experience Farming? No

Acquiring Real Estate
Questions to consider when buying real estate and personal assets such as machinery and livestock.

Choosing a Farm
Items to consider when choosing a farm.

Farmland Preservation

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