Landowner Listing 30078

I am an organic vegetable farmer. We just bought a larger farm nearby and we are looking to sell our current farm as we move on to increase production.
**The setting for this house and farm are beautiful.  The soil is productive.  The markets are accessible.  The community is vibrant and growing.
**You could grow….. specialty vegetables, fruit, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, microgreens, flowers, nursery plants(vegetable and ornamental), mushrooms, bees, pigs, goats, chickens, lamb.
**You could market your products to….. 10+ farmers markets that are within 40 miles, local stores and restaurants that are looking for local product, local distribution companies, New York City (retail and wholesale), online.
**You could make a living….. farming full time, or farm part-time and work off the farm, or come for weekends and lease out the farm.
**Buy this turnkey farm and renovated farmhouse now and you will be able to start planting and selling this spring!

Total Acres: 12

House Available on Property: Yes

Conservation Plan: No

Deed Restrictions: No

Nutrient Management: No

Will Sell or Lease Equipment: Yes

Number of Barns: None

Parlor System: None

Cows Available: No

Number of Cows: None

Maximum number of cows facility can handle: None

Farm Type: Fruit Vegetable

County: Wayne

Region: Region 3

Acres: 11 to 30

Farming Method: Organic

Looking for someone to: Buy

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