Landowner Listing 30041

We purchased this farm in 1971. Since 1999, our farm has evolved into a totally grass fed only, certified organic beef operation. We have a closed herd of 19 mama cows and 12 suckling calves, 1 herd bull, and 26 weaned bulls and heifers at various stages for fattening on grass and hay only. We have been AWA and AGA certified since 2005. This gives us the unique position of having one of the longest organic farming history and the highest third party certified beef farms in Central PA.

To provide forage for our herd in winter, we farm close to 80 additional hay acres off the farm. Our closed herd consists of a blend of Limousin, Charolais, and Angus genetics. It is well adapted to our management of intensive grazing style.

It is our preference to sell the cattle, machinery, and business up front to a prospective buyer of the farm.  We would then mentor for a period of up to two years as needed.

The farm is equipped with a 5 year old solar electric generation system that supplies slightly more than our current personal and farm needs. Our local electric company sends us a small check annually to pay for the excess.

The ideal situation we are looking for is to find a farmer or farm couple with similar sustainable values , honoring the importance of the soil and all of its ecosystems below the surface, who wishes to lease this farm as is, with the idea of eventually purchasing it.  We are willing to help with the transition of management, mentoring as needed.

Reason for Offering Farm: No interest from next generation

House Available on Property: Yes

Conservation Plan: Yes

Deed Restrictions: No

Nutrient Management: Yes

Will Sell or Lease Equipment: Yes

Cows Available: No

Farm Type: Livestock

County: Perry

Region: Region 6

Acres: 51 to 100

Farming Method: Organic

Looking for someone to: Any Option: Rent/Lease/Buy

Current Marketing: Other Direct Marketing Outlets

PA Farm Link maintains a privacy policy with our Landowners and cannot provide contact information to interested parties. If you are interested in this farming opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter to Your information will be sent to the Landowner for review and if interested, they will contact you directly to discuss their farming situation.

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