Entering Farmer 20118

I was raised in the suburbs of Harrisburg. After graduating high school I moved to Boston, Ma where I attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts for 2 years and then went to culinary school at Newbury college in Brookline, MA. I then worked as a cook and then chef at various hotels and restaurants in and around Boston/NYC. I then moved to Lake Tahoe, CA where I worked at various restaurants and resorts. In September of 2009 I had a hypoglycemic reaction, lost consciousness and drove into a tree. After this significant trauma my life took a different path. I left the culinary world to work on an organic farm; http://www.sierravalleyfarms.com/. While there the owner mentored me in all aspects of running the farm. I also in my personal space bought livestock (pigs, chickens, dairy goats, ducks, turkeys) and built a greenhouse in my backyard where I was raising most of my own food. Aside from working on the farm I took classes in permaculture, running a nursery and managing a small business. It was at this time I discovered Biodynamic agriculture having been steeped in the work of Rudolf Steiner my entire adult life. In 2013 I moved to the coastal mountains of northern California to work for https://www.hirschvineyards.com/ making and applying the biodynamic preparations to 70 acres of wine grapes. I was also the gardener, growing food and flowers for the people living on this remote vineyard and herb gatherer for the herbal teas used on the wine grapes. I was involved in all aspects of the vineyard from pruning to the bottling. In 2016 I decided to go out on my own and find a place to farm myself. Having an aging mother in Harrisburg and being that the east coast feels like home to me, PA and NY are where I found myself for various reasons.

I have @10 years farming experience in both organic and conventional agriculture production but prefer to move forward using organic methods.  I am looking to buy but will entertain any option, just depends on the situation.  Open to options across Pennsylvania.

Reason: I'm not really a heavy planner. I've always gone where life has taken me, I've saved some money and am ready to put down some roots here in the east. In finding a farm, I don't really know where that will be, but I've come to realize I'll know it when I find it.

Formulated Business Plan: No

Marketing Plan: No

Currently Has Herd: No

Use Land For Crop Production: Yes

Experience: 10

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