Entering Farmer 20103

We are a couple that has been in restaurant and hospitality business for 25+ years. Always had an interest in farming and started several large gardens at a couple locations. Also worked for a farm to table inn where the owner had an organic farm and grass feed beef that was the basis for our menu. Our goal is to find a 25+ acre farm to create a destination in Pennsylvania. We wish to grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables in fields, orchards, and greenhouses and sell our products and other locally sourced products at an on-site or nearby market. We also wish to have an on-site or nearby café with a farm to table menu. With limited experience, we hope to find a previously successful farming operation to build upon with owners that are willing to share their experience and expertise to help us succeed.

Reason: Our goal is to find a 25+ acre farm to create a destination in Pennsylvania.

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Currently Has Herd: No

Use Land For Crop Production: No

Experience: under 1 year

Investment Information: Open to any

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