Entering Farmer 20100

Couple with dairy experience looking for the right opportunity.  18 +years working in animal agriculture.  Prefers tie stall or parlor set up. Would be willing to relocate for the right situation.  I thought maybe somewhere I will find another farmer who wants to take some initiative to teach. I like to teach also, I hope to mentor a beginning farmer one day also. Setting goals is important. One of my goals is to own enough cows to warrant being able to teach or provide a hand to a young farmer also.

Would like to be primary dairymen on smaller dairy where our quality would be recognized. Would like to own our own cattle, land, and equipment.  Currently own extensive collection of tools with plans to add to the collection.

Personal: Know how to design and build rotational grazing paddocks for dairy cattle.  Enjoy old methods of farming, silos, baling hay, cultivation, growing a garden for food.  We believe that if you take good care of the cows they will take care of you.  Both husband and wife enjoy working, considering themselves old soles of the dairy.

Currently working on a large dairy maintaining & repairing equipment, care for heifer and milk cow barns, vaccinate cattle, sort cattle, mix TMR rations for 14 groups.  Raises calves in robotic calf barn and feeds newborns colostrum.


Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Currently Has Herd: No

Use Land For Crop Production: Yes

Experience: 7 or more

Experience Over 7 Years: 18 +

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